International Renewable Energy Fair

The RE-energy Expo constitutes an exposition event dedicated to the subject of renewable energy unique on a national scale, during which state-of-the-art solutions and technologies will be presented. RE-energy expo stands not only for the possibility to show you how to easily care for the environment, provide and generate energy in an ecologic manner, but also how to broaden the current knowledge concerning energy production and ecology.

We invite everyone interested in the subject of green energy and innovative solutions concerning energy efficiency, which begin to play a more and more significant role in contemporary society. The event will include producers and experts from the industry of Renewable Energy Sources who represent for example solutions in terms of renewable and decentralized energy production, its innovative and efficient use and distribution. What separates the RE-energy from other such events is its comprehensive approach to the subject of renewable energy sources.

It is all complemented by accompanying events during which you will see just how easy and ecological can generating, delivering, and using the energy of the future be, as well as a networking space which is going to constitute a place for establishing contacts, building business relations, and forming trade partnerships.