First edition of RE-Energy

A great success of the RE-energy Trade Fair!
Between 11th and 13th of October 2018, Warsaw was hosting renewable energy stakeholders from Poland and beyond. International Renewable Energy Trade Fair RE-energy brought together exhibitors, visitors and guests from Poland and abroad. RE-energy Fair featured the TermoEXPO Eco-Heating and Thermo-Modernization Zone and a showcase of ecofriendly gas boilers, pellet boilers, solar thermal collectors as well as thermo-modernization novelties.

Watch the report from the Fair.

Between 11th and 13th of October 2018, Warsaw was hosting renewable energy stakeholders from Poland and beyond. International Renewable Energy Trade Fair RE-energy brought together exhibitors, visitors and guests from Poland and abroad.

“The significant interest in renewable energy we’ve seen here, is the best proof that Warsaw needs this kind of event,” said Małgorzata Bartkowski, RE-energy Project Manager.

Indeed, the organizers have managed to create an international platform for dialogue on renewable energy. On the one hand, the Fair showed the potential of renewable energy, and the growth potential in Poland and abroad. On the other, it facilitated business networking between foreign companies and local stakeholders. Moreover, thanks to a multitude of side events, RE-energy Fair was a great source for industry-specific knowledge and insightful discussions on renewables.

First day of the Fair was all about the debates. The conference started off with a panel titled “What’s the path forward for Polish photovoltaics?”, which featured an in-depth discussion on the future of solar business in Poland. Although no conclusive verdict was reached, participants agreed that photovoltaic industry will play an increasingly important role in the future of the Polish energy sector.

Guests of the second debate titled “A scenario for electric energy prices till 2030,” organized by the Renewable Energy Institute, discussed the topic which affects all of us, because we will all feel the effects of the forecasted increase in energy prices. Boosting investments in renewable energy sources could be one of the solutions to avoid this situation. Mr. Piotr Pająk, editor of the gramwzielone.pl web portal, was moderating both panels.

III Energy Storage Congress in Poland, organized in cooperation with ADM Poland was an excellent spot for presentations as well as dialogue. The Congress was inaugurated by prof. Jan Popczyk, who spoke about the Energy 2050 Program. Discussion that followed explored the intricacies of the Polish energy market and opportunities for market players presented by the new Energy Market Regulation. Representative of BMZ Poland Maciej Gajda delivered a presentation about energy storage applications and usage. Energy storages are a promising technology for the future, not only due to the growing electric transport demands, but also because they provide energy security.

The “Renewable Energy Sources – classification. Heat pumps, heat storage. Benefits for the economy” seminar was developed jointly with Polish Solar Energy Society – Heat Pump Application Center section, and garnered attention of many investors interested in funding development projects featuring this technology.

The Official Opening Ceremony of RE-energy Fair took place on the first day, during the intermission between side events. The ceremony featured speeches by the President of the Renewable Energy Institute Grzegorz Wiśniewski, President of Electro-mobility Festival Foundation Małgorzata Haller and Deputy General Director of State Forests Krzysztof Janeczko.  The organizers were represented by the Chairman of the Board of IBC Investments and EXPO XXI Grzegorz Słyszyk and Małgorzata Bartkowski, RE-energy Trade Fair Project Manager.

During the Evening Gala on day one, Organizers awarded several certificates of recognition. The Best Fair Stand award went to Bruk Bet Solar, a Polish photovoltaic panels manufacturer. Soluxtec was recognized for the most innovative product. Two persons were awarded the „Industry’s Personality” award – Barbara Adamska, Head of the Energy Storage Congress and founder ADM Poland, and Stanisława Pietruszko, President of the Polish Photovoltaics Society. After the award ceremony, the awardees, exhibitors, organizers and guests enjoyed a relaxing evening together.

Second day of the Fair was also rich with side events. VII International Photovoltaics Conference in Poland attracted guests from around the country and abroad. Growth perspectives for Poland and the world were presented. Main emphasis was put on large installations, but prosumer-oriented technologies were also discussed. Operational safety of photovoltaic systems was also an important topic. Much time was spent on protection of PV systems against overvoltage and short circuit fires, lightning protection systems, as well as guidelines on coordinating the construction blueprints with fire safety requirements.

The Movie Career Zone “Environment, now” attracted many pupils and students interested in a career in renewables. The Zone was also the place to meet experts and explore available opportunities.

The EE-METAL seminar titled “Overcoming obstacles in financing energy-efficient solutions for SME in machine-metallurgy industry” was popular among entrepreneurs interested in raising energy efficiency of their companies.

Moreover, throughout the Fair guests could visit the Local Government Electromobility Days, and find out the answers to these questions: “How to choose an electric vehicle for your local government?”, “How to invest in construction of charging stations and related infrastructure?” and “How to organize the special clean air zones, in a way acceptable to the voters?”  These were just some of the issues discussed during our consultations, conducted in the World Café format. Questions were answered by legal, financing and charging station infrastructure experts. Visitors and exhibitors were in for one more treat – the State Forestry Farm “State Forests” presented a fully branded electric car. Additionally, Fair participants were invited to conduct test drives of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Local government Representatives could obtain professional advice on implementing the Electromobility regulation. Finally, the Fair closed off with a signing ceremony for a long-term agreement with infrastructure and electric vehicles providers.

As part of the RE-Energy trade fair visitors were invited to the TermoEXPO Eco-Heating and Thermo-Modernization Zone, with corporate presentations of ecofriendly gas boilers, pellet boilers, solar thermal collectors and thermos-modernization novelties.

Exhibitors from the TermoEXPO Zone also organized a forum titled “Energy efficient building in practice,” which took place on the second day of the fair. The forum was devoted to newest trends in passive and energy efficient constructions and led by Mr. Tadeusz Pawlaczyk from Gunter Schlagowski’s Polish Institute of Passive Constructions and Renewable Energy. Energy efficiency and benefits of zero-emission facilities were discussed in the presentation delivered by Szymon Pyc, from NEOEnergetyka. Moreover, representatives from Rockwool and Skamol presented novelty technologies in thermal insulation. Finally, legal aspects of receiving funding for thermo-modernization were explored by legal counsel Łukasz Ostrowski.

The third day was for devoted to private Fair visitors. During the forum titled “Photovoltaics for Everyone” guests were introduced to benefits of photovoltaics for prosumers. Conversations initiated at the Forum were very often continued at exhibitors’ stands.

“The Cooperation Meetings”, which took place on day 1 and 2 of the Fair, were an excellent opportunity for networking. Among the people attending were entrepreneurs looking for professional partners and suppliers from the broadly understood energy sector, in particular dealing with renewables and energy-efficient buildings. “The Cooperation Meetings” were and easy and efficient way to connect the right stakeholders and establish valuable contacts.

Małgorzata Bartowski, Project Manager of the Fair, would like to take this opportunity to invite you in the next year’s edition of RE-energy, scheduled for 10th and 11th of September, 2019.