Thermomodernisation and Energy-Efficient Construction Zone

10-11 of September 2019


TermoExpo is a must-go event for the thermomodernization industry as well as the broadly understood eco-heating industry. The fair is designed for all those interested in improving the energy efficiency of buildings and limiting heat usage to the minimum.

Without a doubt, this event will be a platform for exchange of theoretical and practical knowledge on passive, energy-efficient, zero-energy and energy-plus buildings.

TermoExpo is a zone for newest technologies and innovative, eco-friendly solutions.

List of Exhibitors includes top manufacturers of eco-friendly heating systems, manufacturers and distributors of heat pumps as well as furnaces running on biomass, biogas or eco pea coal.

The event will be attended by companies representing newest trends in building insulation, energy-saving joinery, innovative roofing solutions as well as the photovoltaic industry. Considerable focus will also be given to technologies related to thermo-modernization, thermo-insulation and energy recuperation. We will be demonstrating how to employ renewable sources of energy in the design of industrial constructions, residential pre-fabricated panel flats, and single-family buildings.

TermoEXPO is designed to raise the standard of our lives and to increase our environmental awareness.

This year’s edition will also touch upon counter-smog solutions. Our intent is to become the space where manufacturers and distributors of heating systems meet with companies and public benefit organizations, which specialize in furnace exchange funding for the end client.

See you in Warsaw!