TermoEXPO Fair

The Termoexpo Trade Fair is a must-see to be added to the calendar of people interested in the heating, eco-friendly heating and thermal modernisation sectors, as well as people who are active in the area of improving air quality and environment, in which we all live.

Termoexpo is a fair event that aims at increasing the quality of our lives.

During TermoEXPO, you will be introduced to the latest technologies and solutions. The exhibitors will include companies specialising in heat pump installation or photovoltaics. There will also be a broad offer of eco-friendly boilers fired with biomass, biogas or eco-pea coal. Technologies regarding thermal modernisation, thermal insulation and recuperation will also be discussed during this event.

This year’s edition will be organised with the following slogan in mind: low emission and fighting with smog. Due to the non-beneficial air condition in our country, especially in winter, new models of heating boilers will be the focus, which meet more and more restrictive environmental standards. Furthermore, we are creating space for independent suppliers of power and natural gas. Broad information regarding subsidies for replacement of boilers will also be an important point of this event